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We want to give credits to amazing composers, who gave their music to a Non-Profit amateur projects with out any charge.

Paul Houseman

"Self-taught composer Paul Houseman was born 26th August 1985, and spent his childhood living in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. Like every kid, Paul wanted to be many things when he grew up: A film director, an actor and a writer. His interest in composing music, however, became apparent in the age of 12, when he got his first midi sequencer and started to play around with it using an ordinary (non-midi) keyboard."

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Justin R. Durban

"Justin R. Durban was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in the small town of Madisonville, Kentucky. As a child, he spent most of his time dreaming of working in the movies in one aspect or another and was always creating his own music for his stop motion films.  He always wanted to become an astronaut, tinkered with anything electronic like an inventor, and devised thousands of schematics and illustrations for future space travel. You could say Justin has always been an avid dreamer and levitates naturally to things beyond normal imagination." - Source -


Hannu Honkonen

Finnish born Hannu Honkonen is a professional composer and music producer specialized for films, television, video games and Interactive media. His growing portfolio now includes a feature film, television and radio adverts, multimedia and corporate promotions, orchestrations and music productions for popular A-list metal bands from Finland. - source -

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